Sunday, August 14, 2011


I'd also like to mention the amazing amount of support we've received. I never planned to tell people we were TTC, but it just comes out naturally. I'm not bothered when people ask how it's going at ALL, maybe because it's so new. Rather, I think that it's amazing.

My city is very open, we have one of the biggest pride parades in North America (500,000+ people every year show up just to watch). No one seems to care. There is still violence aimed at queer people, but it's not awful (Gender deviation still attracks a bulk of violence, which is sucky and shitty). My queer ancestors fought to give us rights to be, our generation's push is to do all the "normal" things while pushing boundaries, our children's generation will be forcing global acceptance (it's happening now, but I think they will fully push it through, and acceptance is not tolerance!!!).

So, to all my fellow queer mamas who came before me, thank you.


So, turns out J's last cycle we think was an-ovulatory. No biggie. 2 cycles of sheer confusion. This cycle was *so* much nicer. BIG RED FLAGS, clear signals. We inseminated on the PERFECT day. Our timing was impecable, so I feel pretty good.

We're using the following fertility tracking methods:
-speculum to examine her cervix everyday (so we examine cervical mucous, os opening and cervical position)
-the Fertile Focus (which is really neat!)
-pee sticks, which track lutenizing hormones.

It's a big crazy, but it's helped to narrow things down *really* well. We're using just dip sticks, instead of expensive mid-stream sticks, which has cut the costs down INSANELY.

We're 4 days away from testing again. J's temperature has actually stayed up, instead of fluctuating all over the damn place. Her cycle was it's normal length and nothing funny happened, which was re-assuring.

Part of me thinks suddenly going back to acupuncture after not going for over a year made her body do funny things, but the acupuncture was specifically FOR pregnancy, so our practitioner didn't move huge blobs of energy. Maybe there WAS a block and she did move it, and it just took 2 months for it to sort itself out. Who knows.

I "accidentally" bought an Ergo carrier.... ;) It was on babysteals and 50% off, and even shipped to Canada it was still $50 less than buying it in the stores. The damn thing is brand new. It's skookum!! I may have also accidentally bought adorable rainbow babylegs. I purposefully bought really nice cloth diapers though (srsly, 50% off. Normally $23 each, good for 7lbs to 35lbs, and they're super swanky! I hope they work!!).

Hoping for a positive update on Thursday/Friday.