Friday, November 19, 2010

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As Christmas rolls around, and as we're cleaning out our house, I'm always astounded at the amount of CRAP we have. My office is full of crap. I refer to it as crap, because if the house burned down I wouldn't miss any of it (the only thing I would be terribly upset about is my Girl Guide camp blanket, which is absolutely priceless, and my computer). Unfortunately, most of the crap seems to get used at least once or twice a year, usually in a strange situation where it's saved my hiney a couple of times.

But what do you do about kid's toys? Kids have SO MUCH CRAP, starting before they're even born. A tiny human takes over their own room, their parents' room, the play room/living room/whatever other room with their stuff, from toys, swings, etc.

We are re-emerging to the idea that consumerism has it's time and place, but also it's tremendous downfalls. At Sparks, we had to stop sharing because the girls kept bringing in the newest fad, and it was turning into a bit of a gong show.

A blog someone posted on FB this morning has prompted me to post it, because it's such a tiny piece of the bigger picture. It's also a tremendous reminder to me (and to J) that we're running at break necked speed right now, and that we need to SLOW DOWN.

Also, buying $10 presents 20 times a year is a tremendous amount of money...

50 Alternatives to Gifting Toys for Presents

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