Saturday, April 23, 2011

More blogs!!

Our wedding is over, everything went better than I could have possibly imagined! A few bumps, but nothing major.

I put out to the interwebs a little while ago about wanting to find more queer family blogs. The Internet Gods have listened! But it comes with a really neat story, which I will touch on in a minute.

Blog list:
The Middle of Everything - written by birth mom, they are the same age as J and I, they live in Kansas! They also have to do with my next blog post.

Family Squared - Written by a mom of twins, whose partner is pregnant with their 2nd child. Very sweet!!!

Mama Karma - written by the non-bio mom of a very cute little one, I really appreciate her take on things because I will also be the non-bio mom of our first child!

First Time Second Time - A blog by 2 moms with 2 kids, 1 from each of them (our plan!). The kids are like 5 and 3 now, so it gives me an idea of where we will be in 5 years. Eep!!!

Equal Mommy - Written by non-bio mom of a new little one with her partner! Her post on adopting her son went right through my heart, because I will go through the same stupid bullshit with our child, and J will have to reciprocate once our second is born. Beautifully written though!!

I have to say, I really did squee and almost pee myself when I found not one but FIVE blogs all at once! Usually I'll only find one or two, but five! The number boggles my mind. I feel like I'm collecting them. I'm so excited I had to come back and edit my post due to vast numbers of spelling mistakes.

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  1. Guess what Allison, I didn't know about Family Squared until you posted the link, but I happen to know mom who writes the blog. She's very awesome! Also, you might want to check out Finding Chaos if you haven't already found it...