Friday, December 23, 2011

DPO 10. Or 11.

I have always been the calm, cool and collected one toughing it out through these inseminations. J has been the one going a little nutty, wanting to pee on a stick CONSTANTLY, while I just stay chill in the background.

Well, it's a bit of a role reversal... except not. I've gone totally neurotic this month, and J is her normal post-ovulatory-two-weeks-of-waiting self. I couldn't sleep on Sunday night before my first day shift (typical), so I was just allowing my brain to drift, and I was envision the tiny little cell cluster digging its way into the side of her soft and squishy endometrium. I was impatient for a result, but a little voice said that I had to be patient just a little bit longer for my proof. That little voice was coming out of the ball of cells. WHOA. LIKE. WHOA.

We saw our chiropractor yesterday for our weekly adjustments and she mentioned that J's body felt a little bit different. Her RMT the day before (who does cranio-sacral therapy and is *very* tuned into energy) said "maybe", but J got the distinct feeling that she wasn't comfortable saying "YES" yet. Or that it was too early for an actual YES.

Anyways, we will find out Christmas morning if it's a positive, or negative, since J should start bleeding around there.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm gonna be pretty crushed if this cycle doesn't take. She's been feeling pretty crummy the past couple of days, so I'm hoping it's just the zygote secreting all it's fancy hormones to make it stick around and enjoy spring.

I FEEL different this month, my intuition knows something is up, so I'm really hoping it's not just intense wishful thinking. I did a ton of research this month too, research I somehow missed doing ages ago (seriously, what were we thinking, no wonder we couldn't get pregnant).

Anyways, it's crazy making with Christmas upon us. We're hosting dinner for twelve! :) It will be fun, lots to do in the meantime, and I'm all done work now for Christmas! Even better!!!!

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  1. Okay it's the 27th. I'm hoping that you are just too damned excited about your BFP to post. Thinking of you!