Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

My ringing in the new year consisted of wearing scrubs, cuddling an adorable (and very happy) NICU baby, while wearing a party had and drinking bubbly apple juice. I called J at midnight. Wasn't particularly exciting, but I was happy to do it.

2011 has been a lovely year for us! We got married, made big plans, are started TTC. We don't have a baby quite yet, but I feel that it is near, very much on the horizon. I am learning to be patient, that it will come.

In the meantime I'm making myself a post-night shift sleep dinner (consisting of rice, lentils and squash! I might even make a salad, I'm so decadent!).

We've been working on ripping all of our CD's onto an external HD so that we aren't hauling them around with us when we move. This means when I hit "play" and "shuffle" on iTunes, the resulting mix is *extremely* eclectic. It's rather entertaining.

2012 promises to be even bigger, since we will hopefully have our first little one, and we're definitely moving in a couple of months. We're adults now and got ourself pre-approved for a mortgage (it's a little one, comparatively, since I have no desire to waste my baby's newborn period working OT to pay for the mortgage).

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