Thursday, December 13, 2012


I follow a Queer Parents group online, I joined the TTC when we started trying last year, and have stepped back from actively participating in the past several months when we put everything on hold, but it's been fun watching my fellow TTCers conceive and go on to have healthy babies.

There is much more acknowledgment of non-gestional parents now than there was previously.  I feel deeply grateful that I don't have to justify being called "mama", that no one's given me a weird look at being a mother, no one asks if I'm "the father" or anything equally silly.

I am so grateful.  My role as the future mother of our kids is not up for debate, I can simply relax and ENJOY IT and not have to worry about explaining it all the time.

In other words, I'm feeling excessively cranky today, which means it's time for real pants and a walk.  In the freezing cold and pouring rain.  Ahhhh the west coast....

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