Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm so confused!!!!

J's "period" abruptly stopped this morning. It was only 2 days and pretty light, although there was a fair amount of cramping and clots (tmi?). The other kicker is that her period was like, 4 days early, and it's only been 9 days since we last inseminated. She peed on a stick yesterday and it was BFN (big fat negative), so we're going to wait 2-3 more days and see what happens (which will take us to 13 and 14 days post last insemination, which was closest to when her temperature spiked). Her temperature hasn't fully come down, either...

Her boobs aren't sore anymore, although she slept for 2 days (although doing this post-camp is pretty normal). All she wants to eat is peanutbutter on toast.

Thus, we are insanely confused... My body intuition tells me that something is not quite right, and I was absolutely POSITIVE she was pregnant super early on, so I'm not sure what to think anymore. When we first started TTC, I felt our Spirit Baby hanging around a lot (the sex of it changed partway through too, there was very distinct male energy, and then it changed to female energy), but now I'm not sure.

However, the idea that there might still be a pregnancy has filled me with hope again, to the point where I'm actually giddy (although I did eat like, 5 spoonfuls of icing, since I am addicted to sugar).

Anyways. A stupid thing also is that the paperwork isn't QUITE done, so even if it's positive, we will remain mum until everything is signed, so I can't even put it on here...

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