Monday, June 13, 2011

Now that that's out of the way....

So we finished our first cycle, with J's body doing some very strange things (having symptoms of ovulation on a Thursday, not surging until the following Wednesday, then now having a temperature spike until the Sunday). Not sure what went on there, maybe it was feeling out of sorts? In any case, she went *super* moody and angsty, had PMS with *all* the symptoms times a thousand. I was feeling pretty confident, because we inseminated five times in total, and I felt the energy in her body change shortly afterwards.

And then at camp on Sunday morning, away from me, she got her period, plus super cramps. Coupled with not sleeping well due to camp and *really* bad seasonal allergies (and not really being able to take anything due to the possibility of being pregnant). I'm surprised at how calm I feel, but she was very very sad. I'm sad for her, that she had to deal with it all by herself. If it had even been a remote possibility, I would have picked her up and brought her home, but she was in charge and there was ratio to maintain.

I'm disappointed of course, but it's not interfering with my ability to be a functional human being. I'm confident that her body will grow us a healthy baby, but that it may take a couple of tries. I didn't expect it to happen on the first round anyways, mostly because we had *no* idea what we were doing (I did read up on the topic, but the actually putting-int0-practice is always a trial and error).

Our next cycle BD is away until the day after J ovulates (supposedly), so we'll probably only get 1 shot. The following cycle we're at camp until the DAY J ovulates, so there will be more mad scrambling!

It'll happen, I know it in my heart, but we have to be patient (and I am fairly patient!).

Since we're in full swing now for baby making, it's time to keep my eyes peeled for when the stroller we really want goes on sale: The Baby Jogger City Select! Seriously the coolest stroller I have ever seen, and a good friend has one and LOVES it!

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