Sunday, May 29, 2011

Annd go!

So there have been a million things happening, which inevitably means there is rarely time left over to update the blog.

In fact, there remains so little time that I'm actually taking time away from doing other things to write this one quick update post.

I'm running a camp this upcoming weekend for Girl Guides, hosting 135 girls aged 5-18 and another 50 adults (plus 4 kids under the age of 5). It's going to be awesome, since I do this every year, but this year is my last, since next year I will be cuddling our baby, refusing to leave my rather pregnant wife, or struggling through trying to get pregnant. The camp is held a couple hours outside of Vancouver, but we have to take a ferry to get there, thus my extreme hesitation to go anywhere that makes it difficult or impossible to get home if she needed me.

That all being said, we got our shit together and got going this month. Paperwork is all but done, but we figured it would take a bit to get our stride going with the inseminations, and since we're possibly missing both June and July, it's kind of now or not until August.

There will be no peeing on pregnancy sticks until everything is completely done that's for sure.

There is something that no one really warned me about (except my wife, but I didn't realize believe her). Spunk smells disgusting. This is really my first exposure to it, so I nearly gagged when I opened the jar. That's saying a lot considering I'm a NURSE and have done things and been exposed to body fluids in states that would churn your stomach. Turns out the one thing that grosses me out more than sputum is semen.

So, we've done 2 now, one on Wednesday (where J was positive she was ovulating, even though it was a week early, turns out she wasn't, but whatever), and then last night. She's actually ovulating RIGHT NOW, so there is still viable sperm in her uterus (hopefully?), and there will be more tomorrow.

I have to say though, it's so... awkward? Weird? Uncomfortable? This is *not* for the faint of heart, and I could see a lot of couples choosing to go the clinic/frozen sperm route or adoption route after doing it this way. I'm really hoping it'll get better, since it appears I'm having trouble wrapping my head around actually DOING IT after talking about it for years.

Anyways, I will have more time for deep thinking after my camp. And after my set at work is done Tuesday morning.

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