Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just keep swimming...

I'm not finding the blog as cathartic as I thought it would... I guess that I spend so much time just trying to move forward and not keep dwelling on things, and explaining where we're at to people CONSTANTLY, that it seems redundant.

The questions of "so hows the baby making thing going" are starting to blindside me. It's just such a sad, heartbreaking, sad thing we're in the middle of at the moment, that it's hard to not be upset.

J got another BFN this month, even when her luteal phase went on an extra THREE DAYS.

Needless to say we were sad, angry and frustrated. Deeply deeply frustrated. So, we're switching it up. J got her requisition for one of the fertility clinics and so we're headed in that direction. Bye bye to known donor and hello to drugs and the wonderful world of frozen spunk and IUIs.

Our house is mostly packed, J has done a phenomenal job. I am working a ton, we are trying to pay a mortgage and rent (augh!)... fun times.

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