Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Waiting and Waiting

This afternoon I called to book our Donor Sperm Orientation appointment at our RE's office.  I mentioned that we didn't want to leave it too late, as DW ovulates sometime in early July, to which the absolutely lovely woman on the other end of the line informed me that they don't get their sperm in time.


Turns out, because this clinic does SO many donor sperm insems per year, they get all their shipments packaged once a month and shipped, thereby eliminating shipping fees for patients (WHICH IS AWESOME).  However, we'll have missed the deadline for our ordering by the time our appointment rolls around (which coincides with my birthday).  Which means, we'll be missing July (WHICH SUCKS).  We will most likely be in Calgary for the August ovulation, so we're looking at September.  Which makes my heart hurt.  Like.... hard.

But, I guess it's not all bad, especially since my last post whining about whether this was even an ethical choice for us for financial reasons... One of my things will be paid off by then, and thus I can get my CC under control a little better.  We can save up.  DW has more time to find a job.

But it still sucks.  September... so we're looking at a June 2013 baby at the very earliest (well... it could be earlier but let's not go there).  I know it's only a couple of months, but it's heart breaking.  But we'll have a good solid summer off, regroup, re-sort, finish the house, spend some serious QT with each other, maybe do a little bit of traveling to my family's cabin and just hang out.

Just keep swimming...

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