Saturday, October 29, 2011

C'est L'Halloween!

I'm finding blogging difficult, mostly because I feel like it's all been said before. I have nothing new to add to the conversation. I really enjoy my queer mommy blogs that I read (but only a couple are pregnant, and none are TTC). TTC is tough, but it's forced some fun changes!

J's dad had a big heart attack on Saturday. We were worried that she was going to ovulate when she was away for the weekend, but the stress of this should push it back again. I've had to really take over and run the house, which is tough, since I'm working so much, but it's getting there. The house is a mess, but who cares??

It's getting towards cold and flu season, and vaccines are once again the hot topic. To vaccinate, to not vaccinate. I think we will end up opting for a combination of both, giving MMR and DAPT (which provide protection against measels, mumps, rubella, diptheria, tetanus, polio, and the one that I can't remember is whooping cough), and skipping out/delaying some of the other ones. How easily we have forgotten the high infant mortality rate we used to have in the developed world, my generation never lived through the devastating effects of polio, or hospitals full of babies dying of the whooping cough. There was a mumps outbreak in Vancouver last year, terrifying for all of our sick babies, especially when ONE OF THE PARENTS BECAME INFECTED.

Something else no one talks about is RSV, a virus that causes cold AND flu like symptoms, but for small babies with their small airways can mean that they become very very very sick or even die (the virus causes a layer of mucous to build up inside the airways, and in babies who are already compromised because of short/damaged/extrememly fragile airways, this is a death sentence). Our respiratory compromised babies will all receive it, and I send many prayers for the babies whom we have cared for, that they will make it through the winter. We have one baby in the unit whose parents have refused all vaccinations. He was born at 26 weeks and was *so* incredibly sick, we thought he was going to die on at least a dozen occasions, yet he didn't. He has survived so much, it would be so awful if he died of RSV.

Anyways. J is now seeing a chiropractor. Her pelvis is all out of whack, which compromises the nerve function and blood flow to her pelvis. A couple of quick adjustments and we were out. She'll go back a couple of times a week for the next little while.

My cat is holding a dead bird, which means I have to go and bury the poor thing. My cat doesn't kill them, she steals them from the neighbour's cat who kills them. Sometimes she buries them under the deck.

Anyways, the weather is crummy here, but that's what happens in October. Peace out for now!

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