Sunday, October 2, 2011

More than this

I've quickly discovered that I'm in love with my job. I hit my 1 year mark September 15th as a NICU nurse and have only have small short moments of going "oh god, why am I doing this??" (almost exclusively during a night shift at 3 in the morning when one of my babies has puked all over themselves and their bedding and I have to pee and I'm in the room by myself because my buddy is on break and I realize there's no more clean linen in the room and my IV is beeping and etc etc etc).

I've cried ONCE, so that's pretty good!! I adore my co-workers for the most part. I had my yearly review done (my "boss", one of a dozen, but the one who works with me and knows me best, sits down and goes through EVERYTHING with me, it's actually really handy!). It was overwhelmingly positive. There was a tiny blip a couple weeks ago, but that was a totally stupid mistake (and it wasn't even a mistake, but it's a long story and involves a pee covered bed).

One thing my boss said was that she really admires and appreciate how open I am about my family, about who I am (read: sexuality). And I am open. Someone referred to my wife as my roommate the other day (????). My co-workers know we're trying to conceive, they ask questions about how we're doing it, I answer patiently and with as much information as I think they can handle repeatedly. Everyone is *so* supportive. I am the only queer female nurse (I think) on my unit, which is hard to swallow (SINCE THERE ARE 200 OF US), but that's how it is. My co-workers are awesome, since we're all a bunch of gossips. There is one other queer dude, but that's it (and he's not super out).

I feel very strongly that is it my job to be out, to answer questions, to be a resource to my co-workers. We deal with families in crisis every single day, and worrying about your sick/premature baby PLUS dealing with staff who don't understand your family is not something anyone should deal with. I can't imagine worrying that the staff's homophobia will interfere in your child's care, and it makes me sick to think that this is possible in other places. In general, Vancouverites are so laid back and accepting that nobody cares!

I'm debating whether to start another blog on NICU specific thing, I feel like I have a lot to share about how to survive the NICU, tips and important things like breastfeeding and so on and so forth. We see the sickest babies in the province, and sometimes they are there forever and ever, and there's just so much information I wish I had, that I can't seem to find on the internet... but we'll see. I'll ask some of the parents and get their feedback...

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