Monday, October 24, 2011


Sooo... we HAD been using what we thought was adequate fertility charting. But boy were we wrong. I got all concerned that J wasn't ovulating, and we were wondering when we were going to have to fix this, and then we plotted everything on the Taking Control of Your Fertility charts, and VOILA.

EVERYTHING IS FINE. Mostly. She has what would be considered a delayed reaction to her progesterone, which may make pregnancy difficult. We realized she's been having a pretty steady luteal phase (long enough to actually BECOME pregnant, a nice clean 11 days), but her temperature rise is slow and kinda dippy. This is *easy* to fix.

So we hit 12 days post-luteal, with only a little bit of spotting, no cramping, and still a high temperature. We got excited.

Day 13, heavy bleeding, temperature drop, much disappointment. J's sure she was pregnant, her energy changed, she had to pee OMG ALL THE TIME, things like that. So, it's a question of did we lose it because of her progesterone, because the embryo wasn't good, or because of something else.

We ordered an actual BBT thermometer (everything I had read up to this point had said that an actual BBT thermometer wasn't needed, just one that went one decimal point, but we need the extra decimal place). I'm going to pick up some progesterone cream and see if that works too (she's also on stuff to help her body process the hormones, thanks to our naturopath!).

I've been working a ton of OT, working to pay down consumer debt so we're in a good place to raise our kids (also because J carry's student loan debt, I don't want to be overrun with debt repayment when we only have 1 income! Yikes!). The OT is going fine, I find that because I work 3 days and 1 night, I have more energy and can DO more OT, which is nice.

That's all for now!

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